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Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas: A Precious Gem in the Gaming Industry

Generally known as the heartland of the entire gaming universe, the city of Las Vegas owns one of the precious gems in casino gaming in the form of the Treasure Island hotel and casino. Definitely one of Nevada's prides when it comes to gaming and hospitality, this luxurious establishment has a diverse set of table games and machines to offer. It has made a strong impact in the gaming world with its quality service and operations.

With all its exposure in huge motion pictures and on television, people cannot doubt the popularity and renown that this elegant casino hotel has achieved in recent years. It was featured in various worldwide hits like "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story," "Miss Congeniality 2," and "Knocked Up." It has also been one of the chosen locations for the computer game entitled Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Just like all the top casino hotels in town, the Treasure Island Las Vegas owns a private club for its casino players. Because it falls under one of the classy casino resorts of the MGM Mirage, the members can also gain direct entry and participation to the other venues. At the same time, the rewards and benefits are great. Members can have exclusive access to first-class rooms, complimentary entertainment and dining, and special giveaways.

Worthy of innumerable praise and admiration, the Treasure Island Poker Room is the response of the establishment to the rising interest and demand of card players for exciting and competitive poker games. Frequent players consist of an excellent mix of amateurs and game experts, where they can choose from a wide array of exciting poker variations. The Texas Holdem, Omaha High, and Crazy Pineapple games are guaranteed to bring insurmountable fun and non-stop poker action to everyone.

In terms of exciting and state-of-the-art slot machines, the Treasure Island is not to be outdone in the competition. It houses some of the advanced slots that promise players excellent rewards and bonuses, especially for the very lucky players. The casino hotel is also offering a membership club for new players, which entitles them to exciting prizes, first-class amenities, and wonderful rewards.

Aside from the good gaming experience that this luxurious casino hotel can offer, the table games are amazing as well. Being hooked into these games is not surprising anymore especially with craps, roulettes, and blackjack present within the vicinity of the building. Players can also try other novel exciting games like the Let It Ride, Pai Gow, and Three-Card poker variations.

Majority of the top casino hotels in Las Vegas, inclusive of the Treasure Island, support the campaign for responsible gaming. The casino hotel tries to instill the values of responsibility and temperance among its guests and visitors. All these are done without sacrificing the value of competition and the spirit of fair play. It is truly a gem for the highly progressive state of Nevada and the entire gaming industry.